Learn about what is affecting your credit and what you need to do to get the credit scores you want. Only you can repair your credit scores.

Little Brother Solutions

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Planning time right

We work for you and around your schedule. We enjoy going the extra mile for our customers. We promptly meet customers within scheduled times by the customer. We don't mind discussing your credit building future over coffee in your favorite location. Schedule an appointment with one of our credit consultants to build your foundation for your credit growth. Don't wait schedule today.

Credit Assessment

 Our trained consultants will create a unique profile based on the customers credit scores and goals. The consultant and the customer together install a plan to reach those goals. Credit Reports are imported and thoroughly analyzed to check for accuracy.  All questionable items and credit risk patterns are highlighted to bring awareness to the consumer.

Simply we find out what's wrong and what can be done.

Disputes and Corrections

Most credit reports have false reportings on them. These reports affect your credit scores negatively.  We then contact Credit Agencies and Creditiors to request that these negative scores are eliminated from your credit report. 

Leave Your CreditProblems to The Professionals!!!!

We understand there isn't always enough hours in the day to do some of the things we need to do. Lucky for you we have you covered. Within 60 days you should see results in your scores.

Sure you are more than capable of repairing your credit. You could research your credit score and how the overall reporting of credit works.You could figure out what items on your report are affecting your report the most and why, research all of the laws, figure out which items you want to contact the major credit reporting agencies or the actual creditors on the credit report. You can try to get a hold of all of the Companies and Agencies involved constantly sending documentation and keeping up with dates reciepts... OR you could hire LIttle Brother Solutions and have our trusted consultants do this for you. Simply, Easily and quickly!!! 

Have questions? 24 hour Access.