Learn about what is affecting your credit and what you need to do to get the credit scores you want. Only you can repair your credit scores.

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Credit Changes Lives

Become Informed on what affects your credit score because credit affects your quality of life.
Build Credit Responsibility whether you are a beginner to credit activity or recovering from not so perfect credit. It is so much easier to destroy credit than to build it, so resposibility is the foundation of building credit. There are several ways to building credit but all require the customers participation and awareness. 
Learn about reporting agencies that report your positive payments in rent,personal loans and other alternative payments..
Learn about secured loans and credit cards as building blocks to establisihing credit.
Learn how to build credit through student loans, Auto loans and Mortgages.
  1. Intial Assement
    Customer creates a unique profile plan to reach goals set by the customer. The customer would be advised on ways to build credit according to the customer capabilities. Free Credit Report.
  2. Score Driven Results
    Our main purpose is to help the customer raise credit scores of all 3 major Credit Agencies.
  3. No Hidden Cost
    Easy to understand plans,
  4. Debt Validation And Negotiation Guidance
    It is very possible to negotiate with creditors yourself. Learn to negotiate terms, interest rates, payments and possibly reduce debt.
  5. Identification Theft Restoration and Protection
    Total Identification protection is impossible. We provide Layers of identity protection along with additional monitoring of credit. We alert you to potential threats and problems. We inform you and guide you through recovery steps.
  6. Goodwill Removals
    We guide our customers through goodwill removal request from the original creditor. Creditors are not your enemy and often understand mistakes and sometimes they won't penalize the customer attempting to work with them.